Thursday, June 2, 2011

Trip to Jane's in Auburn April 29-30

I wanted to go and visit Jane Switzer who has graciously invited me to stay at her place on and off during my stay in California.  My purpose was to visit with she and her family and to see if there was room for the trailer  to get in, get turned around and to find enough room to park.   Not to worry, a bit close on the drive in, but plenty of room.  Nice pens for Buddy too.  I took Charlie so he could meet  the family dogs.  The initial meeting of dogs went well.

Jane and her parents live on the same property so, it's easy to visit with everyone.  Her Mother cooked a wonderful meal.  It was fun to reconnect with Jane, her husband and her parents.  I hadn't seen them all since 2005 when some of us Region 6 NATRC folks, <Jackie Hathorn, Bill Hinkebein, and Liz Kendall>  came out to "do the Tevis".

On Saturday, I went with Jane to run errands, stopped at a really cute place in Newcastle that is a deli and produce stand, had a yummy sandwich for breakfast. Then we went to one of her friend's Floral shop where I found a FLYING PIG.  I collect flying pigs, so I HAD to buy it.. Now I have a flying pig for the trailer.   (Pigs can and do fly, so anything is possible)

Got back to Jane's place, we  sat and chatted for awhile, then it was time to go back to  Sue's place as I had plans for the next day to meet an old Grade School friend at a Wine Festival in a nearby town.  Had a good drive back.  It's not bad to drive  here as long as you drive on the weekends and after 9:30 am and before 3 pm.  I'm just sayin'

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