Thursday, June 2, 2011

How many years has it been? Visiting Lisa my first BFF

Through the magic of Facebook, I had reconnected with a childhood friend.  Lisa (Flowers) Rogers was my best childhood friend from 5th grade until we graduated high school in 1973.  We lived on the same street and spent hours together on a daily basis.. Of course we were perfect children and teenagers and didn't get into any trouble at all.

 We last saw each other at a 10 year High School Reunion, and pretty much have been out of contact until recently

I had heard from her one time by phone, but nothing until we reconnected  on Facebook last year.  Sometimes, I'm not too good on reaching out.

I had thought of trying to see her when I was in Texas, but the locations and timing didn't work out.  Lisa had read on Facebook where I was going to be living in the Brentwood area and she mentioned  to me she would be visiting her son in Livermore.  So we made plans to get together for a visit.
 I had Sunday open, we decided to get together at the Wine Festival in Livermore. Livermore is about 30-45 minutes away over a bunch of hills (small mountain range?).

  We had a great time, I was able to meet her a grown  son, his girlfriend and Lisa's new husband Eddie.. Who I liked immediately.  We went around the streets chatting, catching up, and tasting wine.  What's not to like?
 It was special that there was still a connection between us, even after all of the years that had passed.
We figured it has to be about 38 years since we really  interacted with each other ( I went to College and pretty much didn't come back home) and 28 years since we had actually laid eyes on each other.

This was a special moment in my life, not horse related, but too special not to blog about.  This trip is all about the adventures and the special, unexpected moments

Did anyone notice there is a new fish?  If so.. what color is the new one?  Just checking..

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