Monday, February 7, 2011

Kinda Bummed -- Trip is postponed

Well, I haven't blogged for way too long.  I've been unhappy about not being able to leave on my trip when I  planned.   I broke my wrist slipping and falling on ice the Saturday before Christmas.

 I had planned on leaving here the 25th or so of February.  Now I have a Doctor's appointment on Feb. 22 and I was told not to lift anything heavy (over 5 pounds)  until I saw the Dr,. so I'm doing as much preparation work as I can.

 The main issue is my broken wrist, and the need to be careful and to let it heal.  Besides, it's not working very well.  My hope was unrealistic to say the least,  I had hoped that the cast would come off  and I'd be at 100%.  Just call me Pollyanna.

The weather is also not cooperating. We have had snow on the ground for weeks.  Last week I was snow bound for 6 days, still have snow on the ground with ice underneath.. 17 1/2 inches of snow,  plus another 2 -3 on Friday night.  I need to get my truck into the shop for some work as well as the trailer, there is no way to get the truck and trailer out of the snow, so all that will have to wait until the spring thaw. (Much less hook it up)
So my plans have changed, I revised my Google map tonight..sadly so.  I'll miss the ride in Texas and Arizona..
 Hopefully, I'll be able to hit the road by the end of March.   Not sure, everything is pretty much up in the air.

Next post will be the story behind the story.. why I'm choosing to leave a perfectly good house to live in a horse trailer in California.

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