Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Back on Track

I am back on track and making plans to "make tracks".

But first, after writing a few posts, I have come to realize not everyone who reads this actually knows who I am. So I guess a small "back story" is called for.  So here it is

Who am I? A 50ish, single woman who has had horses (mostly Appaloosas) since her early 20's.  I was spoiled as a child and shared a pony with my Sister for a few years.  I got my first horse (an Appaloosa)  as a college graduation present from my first husband.  I had this horse for 28 years.. he outlasted 2 husbands and numerous boyfriends.  It was hard to lose him, when he had been the only constant in my life.
 Since then I've had four other horses.   Right now I'm down to two;  Buddy, who is a gaited Appaloosa and Rebel, a BLM Mustang who has been a mount for the granddaughters.  Buddy will be the horse I am taking with me to California.

Currently, I'm single, not due to choice, but due to circumstance, my second husband was a great guy who wasn't "into" horses, but who supported my addiction.  He was killed in an accident when a Semi Truck hit another car and pushed that car into the path of my husband's car.  That happened going on 14 years ago.  I guess I could have remarried, but I sure haven't found anyone who has really "fit the bill". I think as I get older I get much pickier.    Being single has certainly made it easier to decide to pick up and go to California.

Why go to California?  It's funny, but that is really a question people ask me with a funny tone in their voice.. Kind of like I'm crazy for wanting to "go out there".    I've been to California on several occasions, once on a family vacation (just think of the National Lampoon's Family Vacation movie, except  add in a side trip to Haight Ashbury to "look at the Hippies" ). Other occasions have been for vacation,  a work meeting,  and distance riding conventions.  I have gone  to attempt the Tevis and on another occasion to "coach" 3 NATRC riders when they attempted the Tevis.
Each and every time, I get to California, especially the San Francisco/ Sacramento/Auburn area,  I feel like  "I need to be here". It's just a feeling, I can't explain.  So I'm going to go and see how long that feeling lasts.

What will I do when I get there?  Ride horses, compete in NATRC competitions, maybe some Endurance rides and visit friends.  I'm hauling out in my goose neck horse trailer that has a good sized living quarters, so I'll just live in the trailer.  I am so blessed to have several friends who have agreed to "take me in". As the kids say.. I'm 'couch surfing".  I'm just bringing my couch with me.

Who is going with me?  It's just going to be me, Buddy and Charlie.  Buddy is  a 16 year old gaited Appaloosa, who was given to me by my niece, since he was so spoiled she was not comfortable riding him.
He is really fun to ride, and I offer him back to my niece on a regular basis, now that I have him"broke".
But he is a tank.. a BIG horse 16 hands and weighs  a bunch.. he has never found anything he doesn't like to eat.  My sister said when she had him they used to call him Hoover.. since he ate everything in sight.
  Charlie is a 12 year old Sharpei mix.  He is one of those "one person" dogs who seems to tolerate most people, but really isn't interested in anyone other than me.  He's not one to go up and wag his tail and lick your face.  Being a Sharpei mix, he is fierce looking,  but harmless.  He is also heartbroken when he doesn't get to go with me.  I know he would miss me, and he's getting so old.. so he's going too.

Who is going to take care of your place?  I am blessed to have my late husband's  older (not oldest sister) and her husband offer to stay here and take care of things.  Luckily, they have a flexible living situation, so they are ok with the open ended nature of my plans to return home.

Any more questions?

 By the way.. on my Google Map I added  in the  new rides I plan to attend on the way out.

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